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How To Be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer

  • Choose the products or services you know or can learn about.
  • Always measure, track and re-test your campaigns.
  • Analyze the need of the product/service in the market.
  • Work with good merchants.
  • Use current and also different, unique tactics.
  • Solve a problem. You need to have a understanding the psychology of customers and learn their current behaviors.
  • Keep evolving. Adopt new technology and techiques fast.
  • Look for new ways to reach your audience.
  • Create a basic system. And improve it continuously.

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How To Grow Social Media Marketing Agency

Offer a local company or a charity foundation free service to get your name heard.

Make you brand omnipresence, be easy to to be heard, seen and reachable.

Do not always create content about selling your stuff. Create value for the people with your creatives.

Do not be always selly. Act like a media company that provides value instead acting like a sale people.

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Essentials of an Social Media Marketing Agency

  • A website, email accounts
  • All main social media accounts created and setup with the logo and short description
  • Skills are needed: writing, visual,persuasion are the main ones.
  • Know how’s: Human and society psychology, where to find and how to spot latest trends
  • Channels to be on: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin
  • Resources to know more about social media marketing:,,,
  • Determining what activities to perfom.
  • Knows how to create at least one of them: Images, Videos, Blog Posts, Company News, Infographics, eBooks, Interviews
  • Understand the different contexts of different social media platforms.
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Skills Required to Succeed as An Entrepreneur


  • Know marketing.
  • Know how to solve problems.
  • Know how to network.
  • Know to how to build teams.
  • Know to earn from very early stages of your entreprise.
  • Know the attention is the new asset of modern era and the internet owns it.
  • Know masses decide what is hot or valuable.
  • Know internet controls everything.
  • Knows market decides no matter what you or anyone think about your business.
  • Great at storytelling.
  • Know everyone has limits. You have limits. You must work with professionals with the areas you are not very good and delegate.


  • Focus on the current move and complete it in best possible way. Do not focus 100 steps ahead or far future.
  • Think bigger.
  • Develop self awareness.
  • Always focus. Act like it is the most important thing what you are currently doing.
  • Moves quickly when something is start to change or see something big is about to come.
  • Producer not consumer.
  • Do not focus on too much past. Live in the current, understand the current and predict the future.
  • Never complain. Get full ownership of everything. Only blame yourself for what happaned.
  • Need for control everything.
  • Have a real or mental coach to lead you. Someone or something you want to be like him/her/it.
  • Believe in the long tirm. Do not chase short tirm benefits.
  • Likes to organize, see patterns ( pattern recognition), to create systems.
  • See the big picture. Detect the micro details.
  • Realistic. Knows the science.
  • Must be emotionally strong.
  • Do not make emotional decisions. They see everything as a math equation or logic machine.
  • Patient . Keeps the company alive waiting for the right moment.
  • No one owes you nothing.
  • Be result oriented. Not the way how it is done but focus on results and outcome.
  • Make better anything you interact.
  • Enjoys the journey.
  • Have principles and keep them alive with your journal.
  • You have to be brave.


  • Connect and network with people. Make them know you in traditional ways. People care and buy from the people or company they know. Even reply comments of your audience.
  • Always looks for opportunities.
  • Storytelling.
  • Influencing people.
  • Be very clear with the people. Set the goal. And say 100% yes or 100% no. Black or white.
  • Always agree with the people you interact with. But slowly move her to your frame.
  • Make promises and keep them.
  • Do not listen negative people but acts smart about the risks.
  • Never be late.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be open. Be truthful. Be transperant.
  • Get the critisims with joy and learn from them.


  • Bet on your strengts.
  • Find blue oceans.
  • Do not have shiny object sendrome.
  • Be less selly. Provide actual value to the community.
  • Watch people are doing.
  • Focus peoples attenion and behavior. ( reaction, consumption, comments etc)
  • Reads comments of a popular/trend item, people or a things comments, reactions of people. Try to reverse engineer and get the main idea of the reason of this attention…
  • Act freely do not afraid to get recorded because you have nothing to hide. Because your intend is good.
  • Master at soft skills ( can not be measured skills)
  • Be more responsive than reactive in emergency situations.
  • Always try, fail often. Learn lessons. Act, act and act.
  • Get rid of distractions. Focus. ( Also a mindset: get rid of distructive thoughts etc.)
  • Help people to get what they want.
  • Be consistent.
  • Work hard and smart.
  • Do the hardest works first.
  • Never get pleasent until they finish something they start.
  • Try to not to caught on paralyses anayzes.
  • Knows if he/she tries to do everything for everybody on everyplatform the quality of the works drops and become avarage.
  • Serves perfectly exisiting customers.
  • Quantity is more important than quality. You can not get the quality until lots of trials and errors.
  • Write down your mistakes. And think the actions that you should not do that way you will not fall into this again.
  • Face your fears fast.
  • Focus only the first stair and start to move or climb. Do not focus on the whole just focus the first one and finish it and move on the next one.
  • Do not stay in the comfort zone.
  • Work longer on the project do not give up easily.
  • Start small. Develop daily.
  • Start with the problem you can solve . Do not try to turn copper to gold.
  • You have to produce a benefit.


  • Creative
  • Leader
  • Focus
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Salesmanship
  • Dealmaking
  • Getting in the flow state
  • Organizastional understanding
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quick problem solver
  • Spots the problems. ( Never lose much time on undemanding problems)
  • Seeing things that others dont.